Tantric massage can reignite your sensual passion again – here’s how

A tantric massage does actually belong among the most ancient forms of medicine. You can trace its roots thousands of years back to ancient India and the general area of Southeast Asia. It’s a tried and tested method of relieving stress, regaining your composure and boosting your health. But it can be just as well a tool for both individuals and couples to enhance their own intimate life. If you wish to find out more about this aspect of tantra, this article is meant for you.

A tantric massage can teach erotic self-awareness

Sensuality, eroticism, emotion, body and mind awareness – all of this is tantra. The strokes and techniques of this procedure have been honed over centuries, and are meant to tap into the deeper level of sexuality, to boost your arousal and libido, to provide a wholesome relaxation for the body, as well as to cleanse you of negative emotions and energy. All the while teaching you to be mindful and to pay attention to your own body and the mind’s reaction to its stimulation, making you more self-aware and appreciative of your own sensuality.

It’s a slow journey to the climax

Though orgasm may be a part of a tantric massage, it’s as much (if not more) about the journey as it is about the destination. Tantra doesn’t rush anywhere, rather it’s fine with dwelling in the present moment or meandering away from the erogenous parts and tending to the other parts of your body, keeping you in a state of heightened excitement. There are no demands put on you, there is no pressure to perform. Rather there is care, acceptance and understanding, and the slow building up of erotic energy. When you are ready, all of this energy can be released in an unprecedented climax – but the real tantric masters have managed to achieve orgasms without actually ejaculating, keeping the harvested energy inside. Delving into tantra has countless benefits for improving your confidence and sexual potential, and adding a new dimension to your relationship.

How to try this procedure yourselves?

First of all, it can be advisable to start learning from the masters – one or more visits (by yourself or as a couple) to a place that provides a tantric massage can indeed help you get the gist of it. But there are also many online resources which can prove helpful as well.

The absolute basics include:

  •   Setting the right atmosphere. This can include the right room decorations, soothing music, candles and fragrances, but also the right furniture arranging. Check out this guide to creating your very own massage room if you intend to be serious about it.
  •   Don’t make it just sexual. Intimacy is much more than. It’s also the strokes, cuddles, running the fingers up and down your partner’s body – just try what feels the best to you.
  •   Learn to breathe. Correct, rhythmical, synchronised breathing is essential to getting in tune with your partner and properly concentrating throughout the whole thing.
  •   Concentrate on the energy centres. These are known as chakras and can be found, according to tradition, at the base of the spine, right below the belly button, in the stomach abdomen, in the centre of your chest,  in the throat, between the eyes and on the top of your head. More information on the respective chakras can be found here.
  •   Edge. Don’t rush to the orgasm. When you feel it’s approaching, stop and resume what you’re doing after a while. Build up to the climax slowly.
  •   Communicate. Let your partner or therapist know what feels good and what doesn’t.

These were some of the basic tips if you opt for a “homemade” tantra. We hope you’ll enjoy it and make the most of it!

Do you think tantra can provide a fresh perspective in our age of almost mechanical sexuality? How do you see the contemporary sex life? Don’t you think some of its vital components of love and intimacy were lost? If so, is tantra the right solution or would you propose something else? What would that be? Let us know in the comment section!