Conference recording |

Conference recording

We have recorders and microphones to help you record and preserve those special events you’ve put so much effort into making a success:

  • conferences
  • seminars
  • focus groups
  • HR interviews
  • selection panels
  • brainstorming sessions
  • board or monthly meetings
  • any occasion which needs to be preserved for compliance or posterity.

We have recording kits and stand-alone microphones to get you going.

Conference kit

Tascam DR05

First, the DR05 digital recorder from Tascam is a great performer: small, easy to use, with flexible recording it's great for recording memos, reports and conferences/meetings.

coupled with -

VEC CM-1000 conference mic

This microphone works so well that people several metres away can sound as if they’re right there - it’s amazing.

And it's easy to use - plug it in and off you go!

This fantastic conference kit comprising:

  • Tascam DR05 digital recorder with
  • CM1000 conference microphone

doesn’t cost a fortune - just £139 for the kit.  Order one now!

Extra CM1000’s see below

Order here

Need to cover a wide area? Not a problem!

You can ‘daisy-chain’ two CM1000 conference microphones together by plugging one into another to cover larger spaces effortlessly.

Order extra CM1000 conference microphones at just £40 each

To create a stereo recording with two CM1000’s, or to use four CM1000’s together you will need a stereo adapter for £6; order here

There's also a great, new USB version of the CM-1000 conference microphone: it features the same microphone section from the analogue version, but has a USB plug to connect direct to your laptop or netbook. 

Plug it into a USB port, start recording software on the PC and you can record for as long as the space on your hard drives lasts.

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