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Audio transcription

To use the pedal for transcription you need to use a transcription program with it, which we do not supply. There are many around, but the two most popular options are:

1.  FTR Player is a free program which plays mp3, wav, dss, wma and wmv files and works 100% with our Infinity USB foot pedal.
Download FTR Player  here   (go to the bottom of the page and download FTR Player 5.7)

2.  Express Scribe  Our Infinity pedal now works only with Express Scribe Pro, not the free version.  

The publishers of Express Scribe may have removed the 14-day evaluation period for the program; check the download for full information.
Download Express Scribe here. 

Express Scribe for Mac OS X can be used to load wav, mp3, aiff, and dct file formats.

There are many other transcription programs which will work perfectly with our Infinity pedal; check this list of ones we know about.


We were recently sent this from a transcription company:

This year we found The Best Voice Recognition Software of 2016 -- Top Ten Reviews. While they considered a host of factors in their evaluation, we were interested in what we felt was the most important -- accuracy percentage.

Transcription Software

Accuracy Rate

Dragon Professional   96%

Dragon Premium   92%

Dragon For Mac   90%

Dragon For Home   86%  

Voice Finger   76%

Via Talk   64% 

Tatzi  72%

e-Speaking    60%

1st oops -- We forgot to add one alternative to VRS.

Human Transcription

Accuracy Rate


Now let's take a look at what accuracy percentage really means.
Rough accuracy percentages are based on: 1-hour audio file equaling (30) 8.5X11 pages of 250 words per page.

Accuracy Total Errors  Errors per page

95%             375                   12

96%             300                   10

97%             225                    7

98%             150                    5

99%             95                      2.5

2nd oops-- If there are two or more voices on the audio recording, forget the above error rates for VRS. VRS doesn't work well with multiple voices, 'oy! 

Finally, ask yourself, "with this many errors, do I have the time to review and edit these mistakes?" "What value do I need to put on my time?"


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