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Other tasks

There are several ways to use your foot pedal for tasks other than transcription.

  • You can use the MoveOn pedal with software like:


  • Use a program from NCH Software. Pedable is a new program from the people who gave you Express Scribe (thank you and hooray!) We haven’t yet been able fully to try it, but it promises that you can assign pedal actions to any other program which you use on your PC, eg Windows Media Player, Word, and any other program. Download and try it here.
    (When installing you may want to uncheck the options to install Express Dictate et al; also you may want to turn off the program running automatically at Startup, through the Uninstall process in Control Panel.)

  • Develop your own software solution, either writing your control software from scratch, or use the SDK we can let you have. It’s for bona fide developers who need to use pedals for their business purposes;  it has components in Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ 6, Visual C++, .NET and Borland C++ . As a first stage please email us with details of your company and what you would like to do with your pedals. We’ll be back in touch.

  • Transcribe! from Seventh String Software is designed to assist in musical transcription.

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