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Express Scribe works 100% with Windows 7, and therefore the Infinity pedal does too.


File types which can be played with Express Scribe:

Express Scribe for Windows can be used to load most common audio file formats - check latest NCH file format details here.

These should include 

          -  dct (encrypted dictation)

          -  Windows Media, VoiceIt (sri)

          -  RealAudio (ra and rm)

          -  Olympus, Lanier & Grundig (dss and ds2)

          -  Sony Recorder formats (msv, dvf)

          -  Philips Digital Recorder format

          -  Sanyo Digital Recorder format

          -  DSP TrueSpeech*, GSM 6.10,

          -  mp2, vox, PCM, uLaw,

          -  ALaw, ADPCM, CELP, SBC,

          -  ACT, APE, MPC, SHN, SPX.

          -  3GP, AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV  and more. DSP TrueSpeech is not currently  supported on Vista.

Earlier versions of Express Scribe played .amr files natively, but for some reason version 5.x doesn’t any more, BUT there is a free conversion program called Switch from NCH which converts files into mp3’s in just a couple of seconds.

If you need to transcribe Sony amv files there is a plugin here which may help; use the second (cached) link..

Express Scribe for Mac OS X can be used to play wav, mp3, aiff and dct file formats.

If you are running a Mac (excellent) and need to convert Windows file formats to, say, mp3 for use in Express Scribe, try using Switch from NCH; it’s an easy file converter. If you have Flip4Mac installed on your Mac to play .wma files in QuickTime, you will (as of 17.12.09) need to install an older version otherwise Switch will crash. Go to and download version which will allow Switch to work fine. (Thanks and commiserations to Vicki for being the guinea pig on this.)


Check the installation instructions which came with your USB pedal or call us for a new set.

Most customers have a trouble-free experience but sometimes problems do occur.

If you are having difficulty installing or using your USB pedal try the following:

  1. Change USB port. There are usually several USB ports on a PC and some may work better than others. Ones at the back may work better than those at the front.
  2. Try a different PC. Install Express Scribe and the pedal on a different PC (if you have one available). This will isolate whether the original PC is at fault or the pedal / software.

    Though the pedal itself is not infallible, hardware faults are uncommon and problems are more usually in software. 
  3. Try the latest version of Express Scribe or other program. 
  4. Uninstall and re-install Express Scribe or other transcription software.
  5. Try  Express Scribe Support where NCH software provide FAQs and users from around the world provide mutual support for issues around transcription and software support.

And of course call us on 020 3002 0111 (Monday - Friday, 1000-1800) at any stage during your problem and we’ll do all we can to help, because our support comes as standard.


This replacement for the DS2300 uses a new file format for recording - .ds2 files. This apears to be supported in the latest version of Express Scribe (July 2011), though it was not supported in version 5.00


Call us on 020 3002 0111.

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