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MoveOn pedal

(BiliPro PageTurner)

Our first new pedal for a  L  O  N  G  time!


The MoveOn is different to our other range of pedals as it is much more plug’n’play than the Infinity range.

MoveOn is NOT suitable for transcription programs; for that you need the Infinity USB.

MoveOn only works with software (programs) which use the PageUp and PageDown commands; if your favourite program does use PageUp and PageDown then you’re all set!

The MoveOn can also be used not only with laptops and desktops (Mac and Windows), but also with iPads* and some Android tablets*.

Get the MoveOn for just £42

But while the Infinity USB needs a specially written driver to make software work with it, the MoveOn is designed to work out of the box with programs which respond to Page Up and Page Down commands, scrolling through pages, pictures or slides.


Use MoveOn with:

  • PowerPoint
  • MusicReader
  • Forscore
  • GigBook

and other programs and apps 
where PageUp/Page Down controls the flow of material.

Use MoveOn:

  • on stage
  • for lectures and seminars
  • gigs
  • museums and galleries
  • poetry readings
  • churches

and anywhere where PageUp/Page Down controls the flow of material.

*To use MoveOn with your iPad you simply need the Apple iPad Camera Connection kit (from Apple or many other sources).

Get the MoveOn for just £42

To use the MoveOn with an Android tablet you need to have a powered USB port - check your device to see if you have one.

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