Requirements and restrictions |

Requirements and restrictions

The Infinity IN-USB-2 foot pedal works fine with Windows 7; FTR and Express Scribe Pro works fine with Windows 7; they are both also fine with Windows XP and Vista.

To use the pedal for transcription you need to use a transcription program with it - there are many around, but there are two popular options:

1.  FTR (For The Record) "The Record Player" is a free program which plays mp3, wav, dss, wma and wmv files. Download this from here

2.  Express Scribe  Our Infinity pedal now works only with Express Scribe Pro, not the free version. Try Express Scribe here


The Infinity pedal will not work with Windows Media Player because there is no driver for WMP to understand the signals from the pedal.

The Infinity USB pedal will probably not work with your proprietary transcription software. This means that if you use an Olympus, Philips etc. transcription program the Infinity USB pedal will not work with it, because the big companies restrict their software to work only with their own hardware. But don’t despair ..... 

Software like The Record Player and Express Scribe will almost certainly be able to play your dictation files without any difficulty, so just use that instead of the proprietary system. Express Scribe Pro should now be able to play .ds2 files from newer Olympus dictating recorders.

Call us to check if your software application is known to work with the Infinity.

Most modern PCs with built-in USB ports should accept the Infinity pedal without difficulty. But remember the software you use may or may not work with the pedal, or it may need a driver to be installed. If your current software does not work with the Infinity pedal, then don’t despair - your sound files should play in other software so you can still use the Infinity.

One customer has told us that the Infinity USB pedal works fine with VMWare View providing a Windows 7 Virtual Desktop on an HP thin client system, no driver required, the pedal recognised as an HID.

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